Geraldine Hudson

b. 1974 England
lived in Stockholm since 2010

2004 - 2006   M.A Printmaking, Bradford School of Art (Bradford University)
1994-1997     B.A (hons) Ceramics, U.W.E Bristol

My practice is intrinsically bound to the discourse around constructs of power, myth and reality.

Working with visual signifiers and props, which tap into a collective unconscious memory,
I attempt to raise questions regarding authenticity, concepts of origin and cultural norms.


2017     OTHER FREQUENCIES ... (beyond the veil) ... with Per Åhlund
            The projekt Room, Studio 44, Stockholm
2016     PERIPHERAL   Candyland, Stockholm -
            with sound provided by Jonas Tiljander and Anders Bryngelsson
2015     Urban Myth - Mabgate  (pt.1 from Burley to Salem, with Dave Procter)
            South Bank Centre - St Margarets Church, Burley, Leeds
2014    ' After the Ritual '  - bookworks from Human Nature, 
            Tobaksvägen 6,  Stockholm
            Smoke & Mirrors   with Zanne Andrea
            The Edwardian Toilets, Bristol
2013     Human Nature? pt. 2 – RITUAL – Atelier 123, Stockholm
            Human Nature? pt. 1 – lost and suspended artefacts – Lokalrätten,
            Sanitary II  Konstapoteket, Stockholm
2011     Verbotene Stadt  Rein Raum, e.v, Düsseldorf (with Chris Dreier)
2005     Nocturne  Unit 9, South Square, Bradford  (with Ann Rutherford)

2016  Okänd  - members exhibition, Studio 44, Stockholm
2015  Found in Labyrinth - Artists' Books exhibition - Saint Petersburg, Russia
2014  Nygrafik 2014 - Contemporary printmaking, Husby Konsthall, Stockholm
2013  .....and then, they tried to pull the ground from under our feet  Konstapoteket, Stockholm
2011   ZELLE  - Beyond Guilt and Innocence  Café Schönstadt, 48 Stunden Neukölln,  Berlin
         Staden    Husby Konsthall, Husbygård, Stockholm
2009  Stadtlandfluss Toiletten 27, 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin
2007  2 Journeys (with Ann Rutherford)  Leeds, England
2006  New Ink 7  - Masters Printmaking, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, England
         Hibrida Bookworks    –   Artists books from England, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
                                               South Square Gallery, Bradford/ U.W.E, Bristol
         Hibrida Fragments      -   A collaborative exchange with The University of Arts, Bucharest,
                                                Romania & Bradford, School of Art, England

'Within the Scope of Possibility, on the luxury of assuming free will' 
Karin Häll, Ida Thunström, Sahar Burhan, Marie Gavois abd Alexander Nilsson. 
Husby Konsthall, March 2017 
Artists' Book Salong 2015, Husby Konsthall
Expeimental art project space Konstapoteket, from 2012-2014
'Show of force' Leeds Industrial Museum, 2003

COMMERCIAL WORK  - photography, print and design as 'Fru Grå'
Publicity photos for swedish band Wolfbrigade
Pinhole photos for english band Pombagira
Album cover image for swedish band Bremen
Ongoing esoteric print and photography project - Mother Night

'Husby är här'  Project leader for a knitting project in the centre of Husby,- North Stockholm-
Knitting as performance, feminist manifestation taking space in a male dominated public space.

Founding member of art project-space, Konstapoteket in Hökarängen, 2011 - 2014
Member of STUDIO 44, artist run gallery in Stockholm
Board member of Fylkingen - organisation for new music and experimental art, Stockholm
On the exhibition committee for Husby Konsthall  2016 (exhibition planning year  2017)
Member of artists collective workshop space KKV - Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad in Stockholm

detail - TELL ME WHAT IS REAL, لاشيء يدوم
detail - TELL ME WHAT IS REAL, لاشيء يدوم
TELL ME WHAT IS REAL  لاشيء يدوم  (This too shall pass)
TELL ME WHAT IS REAL لاشيء يدوم (This too shall pass)  2016
 ... and in this, the ultimate city of disillusion, I found magick .....
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